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Integration projects are projects that involves releasing multiple buildings and their required data in one file, to help make the files more organized.

What are Integration Projects?

Replaced the old Triton Center III
Triton Center III V2 (In EG881 Integration Project)

Integration Projects (IPs for short) are ZIP files containing every Data/Buildings/Scripts by the creator. They usually receive updates when time comes, there are a lot of good examples of integration projects like: EG881 Integration Project, Mn10 Integration Project, etc. Integration Projects began in 2011, with the first one being made by EG881. After that, many of them started, and some were low-quality Integration Projects with randomly generated buildings (from Beno Building Creator). However, there are some users (such as M72) who modify their BBC buildings to look as nice as hand-coded ones.


The first integration project was created by EG881 to enable multiple buildings to be released at the same time. After that, Mn10 and other users started creating their own IPs.

Examples of Integration Projects

Integration Project Creator
EG881 Integration Project escalatorgeek881
Mn10 Integration Project Mn10
M72 Integration Project M72
E1512 Integration Project elevator1512
Skyscraper Simulator Showcase Project Skyscraper Simulator Showcase
Nick0222212 Integration Project Nick0222212
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