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This is a list of the buildings made in Skyscrapersim.

Status of buildings originated/modded from other buildings are: (Status (Original building's status))

Explanation of statuses[edit | edit source]

  • Completed - Completed buildings
  • In Progress - Buildings that are work in progress
  • Discontinued - Buildings that work has stopped by its creator (confirmed by the creator)
  • On Hold - Buildings that work has stopped by its creator, but aren't discontinued / Buildings that are canceled temporarily
  • Inactive - Buildings that can't be found in its original IP / Deleted
  • Not Started - Not started buildings but confirmed ones
  • Planned - Not started buildings but not confirmed ones

Official buildings[edit | edit source]

Building Name Creator Status
Triton Center Eventhorizon Completed
Glass Tower Eventhorizon Completed
Sears Tower Eventhorizon In Progress
Observation Tower Eventhorizon On Hold?
Simple Eventhorizon Completed
Simple Variations Various users Completed
Underground Eventhorizon Completed

Third-party buildings[edit | edit source]

Groups[edit | edit source]

These groups were made for better organization.

Other People's buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Please note: This list is still a work in progress and will be updated as more buildings are categorized into one of the above pages.
  • This list is for buildings who do not have a known creator, or the creator has made only a couple buildings or building mods.
Building Name Creator Status Building Name Creator Status
Altice Arena Completed Sears Tower V2 On Hold (Original In Progress)
Kipling Centre elevatortraction Completed
Greensky Hotel Completed Chiefboz Tower chiefboz Completed
Winmeadow Towers Completed Winmeadow Towers II Completed
Marriott Marquis Simple Completed Marriott Marquis Fictional Completed
The Big Man FGelevators Completed
Old Otis Mansion Completed FG Towers FGelevators Completed
Skype Tower Completed Emirate Towers Completed
Sky A Completed
Bargh and Debbin State Trade Towers Completed Coalham Airport elevatorlover? Completed
Verdana Plaza Andreas - HT Completed Noonretfa Centre Completed
Trizo Plaza trizocbs Completed Sylvester Border Office Tower Completed
Loutherhout Shopping Centre Completed Triton Center - Elevonic Mod V5 Completed (Original Completed)
Rheytall Centre in Canterlot Completed Antee Multiplex Completed
Universal Hotel Completed Hotel Daunjoch Completed
687 Tower in 687 City Completed Skyscraper Complex Completed
Clarion Hotel Completed Office and Hotel Building Completed
CitiCom Tower Completed Bugs Bunny Place Mall Completed
Castlereagh Plaza Completed Wittenjill Building Completed
Foster and Glastonbury Bank Offices Completed Kromerley House Completed
Tottenham Hotel Completed CityCenter Hearst Tower Completed
Huntington Plaza elevatortraction Completed Antony Plaza Completed
Evesham Offices Completed Warsaw 2012 Plaza Completed
Polaris City Center Completed Polaris City East Marina Development Completed
Polaris City East Completed Polaris City North Marina Development Completed
Polaris City Skyline Plan Completed Polaris City South Completed
Polaris West Marina Development Completed Palace Hotel Completed
NCB Building Completed Triton Center with Mitsubishi Mod Completed (Original Completed)
TBN Plaza I Completed Chiju Complex Completed
Sylvester The60 Tower Completed Whistler Tea Rooms Completed
Bank of Odyssey City Corporate Center Completed
CitiCom Tower Phase 2 Completed Golden Rose Beach Hotel Completed
Pacific Place Mall @Gooper City Renovation Completed (Original Completed) Carlton Mall in Modernham Completed
Beauty and the Beast Supermall in Disney Life City Completed United Town Office Building Completed
Willow Park Conference Center Completed Yukon Suites Completed
Whaleson Hotel Dalton City Completed Triton Center (Otis Series 1) Completed (Original Completed)
Triton Center - elevonic mod Completed (Original Completed) Icon Offices Completed
Icon City Phase A Completed Hamster Suites Completed
SouthInn Hotel Kiyan LiftFan Completed SX Tower Completed
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Completed Summit Tower Completed
42 Hotel Completed 7 Maple Oaks Plaza Completed
Archie Test Building Completed Atriamic Hotel Completed
Beno Plaza Completed Blah Tower Completed
East River Road Garage Max (Elevator5519) Completed
ElevationCity Grotty Housing Estate Completed ElevationLand Hotel Completed
Elevatorton Parking Garage Completed
Ford Hall Completed Galleria One Completed
Galligan Memorial Hospital Completed Glasgow Hotel Completed
GLS Building GLS Completed Huntley Childrens Hospital Completed
Skyscraper Jewel Cruise Ship Completed HJ Center Completed
HJ Shopping Center 2 Completed Hoorn Shopping Center Completed
Hotel Kowloon & Mall Kowloon & TJ Railway Station Completed Iceham Towers Completed
Jack Mansion Completed Kone Xion Centre Completed
Lalidolis Tower Completed Legacy Hotel Completed
Legacy Office Towers Completed Legacy Tower 2 Completed
Lettunich Building Completed Liftevator Offices Completed
Main Street Hospital Completed Main Street Theater and Storage Building Completed
Mallowhaven Mall Completed
Mandon Mansion Completed Marina Tower V2 Completed
Market Parking Completed MFP 1 Completed
Midlandgate Shopping Centre Completed MM Apartments- Dallerton location Completed
Moos Complex Completed NAB Shopping Center V1 Completed
New York City Indoor RoadRunners II Completed New York City Marriot Marquis Development Build 2 Completed
Newham Towers Completed NorthRidge Plaza Completed
NS Media Building Completed Office City Completed
Office Tower Completed One Ocean Commercial Building Completed
One Type of Tower Completed Openair Workshop Visitor Centre Completed
Openbare Bibliotheek Grootebroek Completed P. Neary Building Completed
Pizza Building Completed Pleasant Valley Mall Completed
Porter Ranch Community Center Completed Prior - Kopie Completed
Quality Suites Completed Red Roof Inn Completed
Random1 Completed Random2 Completed
Random3 Completed Random4 Completed
Random5 Completed Random6 Completed
RGL1 Completed Rsd's Station Rsdworker Completed
Saint Francis Church Completed
Sellar Gringe Completed? SH Pizzahouse Completed
Shoppes at Breezewood Completed Shopping Street, Actis City Completed
Simon Observation Tower Completed Simp City Completed
SkyLounge Bay City Completed Skyscraper Railway Station Completed
Skyscraper City Tower Cat1554 Completed
Small Complex Building Completed Speedy Gonzales Shopping Centre Buildings 5-6 Completed?
St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre Completed Stratosphere Completed
Summerspring Completed Sunny Suites Nevin City Completed
Sunset Shopping Mall Completed Supertall Triton Center Completed (Original Completed)
Technology Park Building 1 Completed? The Achkmed Tower Completed
The Baytown Complex Completed The Biggest Elevator in Skyscraper Completed?
The Direction Tower Completed The Home Depot Completed
The Hotel Building Completed
The Out of Town Completed The Realistic Mezzanine Completed
The Rico Building Rico? Completed Theotrainz Plaza Theotrainz Completed
Thyssen Dover Test Tower Chris Completed ThyssenKrupp Office Plaza Completed
TourCommue KONYZULPHREA Completed Tower of Whoa Completed
Tower 4 Completed Tower 6 Completed
Tower Of Grace Completed (Original Completed) Tower Of Grace II Completed (Original Completed)
Town House Completed
Trump Tower Las Vegas Completed Twin Condominiums Completed
Twin Office & Shops Tower Completed Up and Down Peak Experimentation Completed
Vantage Office Center Completed
Very Boring Building Completed Very Boring Building 2 Completed
Vondia Building II Completed (Original Completed) Wave Tower Completed
Triton Center V Nick0222212 / wigglespect Unknown (Original Discontinued) Triwing Chuhei Completed
1 Simpleton Avenue Completed (Original Completed)

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