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Multiplayer is a proposed development by eventhorizon that would allow multiple players to enter the same buildings via a server. It would be an expansion of the already existing Engine Contexts feature that could theoretically allow multiple instances of SBS and load many buildings online.

Design Ideas[edit | edit source]

  1. the SBS engine would send graphics rendering calls to the clients, possibly using a communications protocol designed by eventhorizon, wondering how Second Life does this. Clients would also have to handle collision detection, so all of that would have to be moved from SBS to the frontend.
  2. A network frontend would be added to the client version of Skyscraper, a network backend would be made for the server version (a wrapper around the SBS engine)
  3. All Ogre code would probably have to be removed from SBS and moved to the frontend, SBS would then have to make calls to the frontend (direct C++ function calls can't be done in this situation, it would have to be message passing)
  4. If this is successful, it would probably be called Skyscraper 3.0, since it's a redesign of the simulator's architecture

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